Conserverie de Touraine

Lentil, nut and onion spread


Lentil, nut and onion spread – Conserverie de Touraine .

Discover our Lentil, Walnut and Onion Spread: a refined vegan creation from the Conserverie de Touraine. Handcrafted, this spread combines the roundness of locally grown lentils with the richness of crunchy nuts and the subtle spiciness of onion, for a harmony of robust and delicate flavors. Ideal for reinventing your aperitifs or adding depth to your dishes, this spread reflects the traditional know-how of Touraine.

Composition :

Lentils* (55%), onion* (26%), nuts* (5%), soy sauce* (water, soybeans*, wheat*, sea salt, alcohol*, a. oryzae), lemon juice* , sunflower oil*, smoked paprika*, black pepper*.
*organic farming issues.

Nutritional values ​​100g:

Energy; 586 kJ / 140 kacl. Fats; 5.94g. of which saturates ; 0.61g. Carbohydrates; 11.39 g. including sugar ; 1.53g . Proteins; 7.36 . Salt ; 0.79.

  • Weight : 130g.
  • Packaging: Glass jar.
  • DDC: 2 years.
  • Storage: Store at room temperature and away from light.
  • After Opening: After opening, keep cool and consume quickly.