Jacqueline & Geneviève - Conserverie de Touraine

Discover the flavors of Touraine with the Conserverie Jacqueline & Geneviève

Located in the charming village of Candes-Saint-Martin , in the heart of Touraine. Founded in 2019 by passionate entrepreneur Estelle, this artisanal cannery pays homage to the culinary heritage of her grandmothers , Jacqueline and Geneviève, by offering a varied range of products made from local organic vegetables.

At Jacqueline & Geneviève, each preserve is the result of artisanal and thoughtful production, aiming to promote the surpluses of local market gardeners while promoting healthy and sustainable eating. From flavor-rich ratatouille to creative spreads, comforting soups and honeyed vegetable tagines.

We have selected Jacqueline & Geneviève's preserves for you, convinced that their quality and their commitment to organic farming will appeal to the most demanding palates. Prepared with care and passion, are an invitation to rediscover the flavors of Touraine, and to support a local initiative that makes a difference.

Explore our selection of Jacqueline & Geneviève preserves and let yourself be transported by the true taste of organic vegetables, grown and processed with love and respect for our planet. This is an opportunity to support local and responsible production.


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