The Château de la Bonnelière

In the heart of the Left Bank of Chinon, on land imbued with the spirit of François Rabelais, a historic wine landscape unfolds, preserved for centuries. It is here that Marc Plouzeau, with his pioneering vision, was able to rediscover and promote this great historic terroir of the Chinon appellation, thus revealing its extraordinary potential and its hidden treasures. The wild hillsides, dotted with woods, are home to vines facing south, bathed in an exceptionally favorable microclimate.

Marc Plouzeau's vineyard, extending over more than 30 hectares in the heart of carefully selected terroirs, is cultivated organically. The latter strives to express a distinct signature in each of its vintages. This know-how thus offers rich wines, with fine and fresh tannins , faithful to the appellation of Chinon wines.


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