Tastes of Loire

This company, founded in 2005 by Nicolas Hérault, embodies love and respect for the Loire, a source of inspiration and life.

The story is that of a fishing enthusiast , Nicolas, who supplied fresh fish to the tables of renowned local restaurateurs. His commitment to quality and freshness quickly established “Goûts de Loire” as a benchmark in Touraine .

Taking advantage of the arrival of Delphine in 2015, “Goûts de Loire” gained strength by transforming a majority of its catch into two new product ranges: rillettes and soups , cooked with organic and ECOCERT certified ingredients.

The philosophy of “Goûts de Loire” is clear: promote abundant species while preserving fragile ones. By favoring species such as mullet, catfish and white fish, they contribute to the balance of the river ecosystem , while offering products of unrivaled quality.

“Goûts de Loire” is much more than a business; it is a love story with the Loire , a commitment to sustainability and a constant quest for excellence. Choosing their products means not only appreciating exceptional flavors, but also supporting a vision and passion for the Touraine terroir.


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