Chocolate Factory Beans

Located in the heart of Touraine, there has been a small chocolate factory since 2022 like no other : Chocolaterie Fèves.

This family-run, artisanal chocolate factory renowned for its unique chocolate creations is the pride of its three founders , Marine, Marie and Baptiste.

At Fèves, each chocolate bar tells a story: that of a journey from the distant cocoa bean to the deliciously rich and fragrant bar.

On the other hand, what makes Chocolaterie Fèves truly special is its commitment to responsible and sustainable craftsmanship. Marine, Marie and Baptiste have forged close ties with their cocoa sources, carefully selecting partners who share their vision of clean cocoa, with a positive social and environmental impact. Their fight against deforestation and their support for agroforestry help preserve local fauna and flora.

Each bar from Chocolaterie Fèves is an invitation to discover a world of authentic flavors, a world where quality, passion and responsibility meet to create an unforgettable chocolate experience .


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