Yellow Vermouth

The Craft of Vermouth: The Journey of Jean Michel Durivault

Jean Michel Durivault's career has always been closely linked to wine, a field that he explored with passion for many years. His adventure in the world of Vermouth began when he was inspired by significant encounters during his travels in Australia and South Africa, notably with Gilles Lapalus, the creator of Vermouth Maidenii, and Adi Badenhorst, the creator of Vermouth appetizer.

Driven by an insatiable desire to learn and explore, Jean Michel Durivault immersed himself in the study of aromatic plants and their extraction. He transformed his troglodyte home into a veritable laboratory of experimentation, dedicating months to the creation of his own Vermouth, in perfect harmony with the rhythms of the seasons and the natural riches of his environment.

He focused on developing a Loire Vermouth, using plants native to or acclimated to this unique environment. Artemisia absinthium, an essential component, is complemented by citrus fruits introduced to Touraine in the 16th century and other local plants, capturing the very essence of the Loire in each bottle.

The Vermouth vintages produced by Jean Michel Durivault tell stories: stories of tastes, of people, of nature, of culture, sometimes anchored in reality, sometimes born from his imagination. Whether gentle or wild, all his creations bear the mark of the gentleness and benevolence characteristic of the inhabitants of the Loire.

These Vermouths, for Jean Michel Durivault, are more than simple spirits; they are a reflection of his emotional, sensory and cultural quest, seeking to faithfully represent the universe he wishes to share. Each bottle is an invitation to explore his stories and discover his deep passion for Vermouth.


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