The happy plowman

Welcome to the Ferme du Joyeux Laboureur, a place steeped in history and passion located in Marçay in Indre-et-Loire.

For four generations, the Ferme du Joyeux Laboureur has been a place steeped in history and passion. In 2017, Guillaume and his wife Karin, with a new vision of agriculture, decided to expand the arable land and diversify activities, based on organic farming .

Following a trip to Italy, they decided to transform their wheat into dry pasta, giving them a unique flavor and texture , while respecting traditions.

Each step, from seed to plate, is carefully managed, reflecting their commitment to sustainable, local agriculture. La Ferme du Joyeux Laboureur is more than a farm, it is a story of family , love for the land and respect for nature.


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