Le joyeux Laboureur

Nettle Corkscrew - Organic semi-wholemeal pasta


“Tire – Bouchon aux Nettles” pasta , by The Merry Plowman .

Le Joyeux Laboureur's "Corkscrew with Nettles" Pasta is a true revolution, offering a fusion between the tradition of pasta and the nutritional richness of nettles. This daring marriage creates a product of great finesse;

These pastes are the result of artisanal know-how, carefully integrating nettles for their quality and their virtues. The spiralized texture of corkscrew pasta is ideal for capturing every nuance of sauce, while the addition of nettles brings a delicately herbaceous note and a pop of green color to your dishes.

These pastas combine tradition with innovation. Le Joyeux Laboureur is committed to preserving artisanal production methods, guaranteeing superior quality and authentic flavor.

“Corkscrew with Nettles” Pasta is perfect for chefs looking for unique ingredients to elevate their dishes. Whether you serve them with a light sauce to enjoy their distinct flavor or incorporate them into more elaborate recipes, they promise to turn every meal into a memorable experience.

  • Cooking time: 4 to 6 minutes.
  • Net weight: 250g.
  • Ingredients: Durum wheat flour *, water, soft wheat flour and nettles* (2.44%) * From organic farming.
  • Packaging : Plastic bag
  • DDC: 2 years
  • Storage: Store the product in a dry place.