Le joyeux Laboureur

Basil Corkscrew - Organic semi-wholemeal pasta


“Tire – Bouchon au Basil” pasta , by The Merry Plowman .

Discover the “Basil Corkscrew” Pasta from Le Joyeux Laboureur , where tradition meets innovation. These artisanal pastas are the result of a perfect alchemy between the al dente texture of corkscrew pasta and the fresh and captivating aroma of basil.

Made with care, our corkscrew pasta is enriched with basil. Le Joyeux Laboureur strives to preserve traditional techniques, thus ensuring a firm texture that blends harmoniously with the delicacy of basil.

“Basil Corkscrew” Pasta is ideal for capturing the nuances of your favorite sauces, its spiral shape delicately retaining the flavors. They are perfect for simple dishes, highlighting the freshness of ingredients, or for more daring culinary creations, where basil can really shine.

Choosing the “Basil Corkscrew” Pasta from Le Joyeux Laboureur means opting for a product that combines taste pleasure and ecological awareness.

  • Cooking time: 4 to 6 minutes.
  • Net weight: 250g.
  • Ingredients: Durum wheat flour *, water, soft wheat flour and basil* (2.44%) * From organic farming.
  • Packaging : Plastic bag
  • DDC: 2 years
  • Storage: Store the product in a dry place.