Conserverie de Touraine

Ratatouille BIO


Ratatouille – Touraine Cannery .

Discover our delicious Ratatouille from Conserverie de Touraine, a tasty mixture of tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and peppers, from organic farming. Cooked by hand, perfectly balanced and ready to enjoy, it will add a touch of conviviality to all your meals. Ideal to accompany your barbecues with friends this summer!

Composition :

Tomato* (37%), zucchini* (23%), eggplant* (19%), onion*, pepper*(7%), sunflower oil*, salt, thyme*

*from organic farming

Nutritional values ​​100g:

Energy ; 195 kJ / 44 kcal. Fats; 1.05g . of which saturates ; 0.15g . Carbohydrates; 5.17g . with sugar ; 3.21g . Proteins; 1.21. Salt ; 0.89g .

  • I Weight: 500g.
  • Packaging: Glass jar.
  • DDC: 2 years.
  • Storage: Store at room temperature and away from light.
  • After Opening: After opening, keep cool and consume quickly.