Verger de Taillé

Gooseberry apple juice


Gooseberry apple juice from pruned orchards

Discover Redcurrant Apple Juice, a refreshing specialty from Vergers de Taillé in Touraine. This juice, mixing the delicate flavors of selected apples and redcurrants, offers a unique taste experience. Each sip reflects the farm's commitment to producing authentic, natural juices.
Produced locally, this juice represents the passion of Vergers de Taillé for quality fruits, grown sustainably, offering unparalleled taste and freshness.
Ideal for quenching your thirst at any time, this juice is perfect for lovers of fruity and natural flavors.

Ingredients: Apple juice, redcurrant juice 20%

Made with farm fruit. Obtained by simple pressing. Without coloring or preservatives

Quantity: 1L
Packaging : glass bottle
The duration of the conversation : 2 years
Storage: Store at room temperature.
After Opening: Store in a cool place and consume within 5 days