The fishponds of the Langeais mill

In the heart of Touraine, a region renowned for its natural wealth and gastronomic heritage, lies a hidden treasure : Les Viviers du Moulin de Langeais.

Managed with passion and expertise by Jérémie Bonnisent, these fishponds offer much more than simple fish farming; they are an invitation to discover the best of aquaculture.

From trout foie gras to smoked fillets, including terrines and soups, each product is a testimony to the quality and know-how of Jérémie and his team.

Jérémie, transformed Les Viviers du Moulin de Langeais into a sanctuary for rainbow trout. Raised in pure and healthy waters of the Roumer, these trout are fed with certified Organic Farming foods. In this idyllic environment, Jérémie was able to create a sustainable life cycle for his trout, while preserving the local ecosystem, which earned him entry into the “Bienvenue à la Ferme” network.

By choosing Les Viviers du Moulin de Langeais, you not only choose products of excellence, but you also participate in a story of passion , sustainability and respect for nature.

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